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Whole / Seedless Dates

We offer a choice of four varieties of whole and seedless dates – Khalas, Naghal, Farod and Khonezi, all expertly selected direct from our farms in Oman and each variety with a distinctive flavor and texture.
We can provide any combination of our whole, seedless, stuffed, or chocolate covered dates that you require.

Stuffed Dates

Our luxury stuffed dates are available in three varieties- khalas, Farod, Naghal, we use the finest roasted nuts like Walnut, Almond, Cashew, Pecan and Pistachio and also dried fruits like apricots, lime, ginger and Figs.

Chocolate Dates

Our dates are richly coated in the finest Belgian chocolate, can choose from milk, dark or white chocolate all with a variety of tasty fillings like .almond, pistachio, and biscuit crunchy